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You would think that hiring people to work at McDonald’s would be easy. It sounds like the perfect job for students on a break or need some extra income during the holidays, but it seems that in the past few months, many franchise owners are reporting that it has become increasingly difficult to hire new employees.


So much so that at least one franchise owner has decided to tempt potential employees with an iPhone offer. According to a tweet by user Bragard, it was spotted in the windows of a McDonald’s outlet that this particular branch is giving an iPhone away to potential hires. We can’t be sure how real this image is or when it was taken, but like we said, McDonald’s seems to be having issues hiring people as of late.

Some have even taken to offer people money to come in for interviews, so offering an iPhone doesn’t seem like a stretch of the imagination. That being said, it mentions certain requirements like having to work at least six months and meet “employment criteria” which sounds rather vague. There was no mention of which model the employee would be given or what kind of condition it might be in. Either way, it’s a pretty interesting hiring tactic.

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