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Need to translate something on your iPhone? If you do, chances are you might have downloaded and are using Google Translate. However, the good news for users preferring a native app/feature, Apple has announced that with iOS 14, they will be bringing a translation tool to the operating system.


So why would you use Apple’s Translate app over Google Translate? While we can’t speak for the effectiveness of Apple’s Translate app compared to Google Translate, which has had years of development, one of the advantages of Apple’s Translate would be privacy. This is because all the translation can be done offline.

This means that if you think that companies like Google might be collecting data on your translations, Apple’s Translate could be the answer where due to it being able to process your translations offline, you can be assured that all your data remains with you. It will also support conversations (by turning your phone into landscape mode) so that you can have back and forth conversations with someone speaking a different language.

However, given how new the feature is, Apple’s Translate will be limited in terms of the number of languages it supports. For now, the languages supported by the app include English, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, and Arabic. We expect that support for more languages will be added over time, but for now, this is what will be supported.

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