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Apple’s first iPhone was launched way back in 2007, which means that it is about 12 years old now. Naturally, over the years, the design and features of the handset has evolved to where we are today with the iPhone 11. While some might claim that the iPhone is no longer quite as exciting or innovative as before, this video could change your mind.


Tech YouTuber MKBHD has recently uploaded a video where he compares the original iPhone, released back in 2007, with the latest iPhone, the iPhone 11 Pro. It is a pretty interesting video as it shows how much the design of the iPhone has changed over the years, most notably would be its size, where for the longest time ever, Apple stubbornly stuck to the 3.5-inch display, before the launch of the iPhone 5 which saw the company finally start to shift to larger screens.

The differences aren’t just limited to the design or display, but also under the hood, where the latest iPhone is a whole lot more capable in the camera department compared to the original iPhone. All of this is pretty obvious, but it’s nice to see how far along technology has come, not just with the iPhone, but with smartphones in general.

As MKBHD points out in his video, this comparison is interesting because it also leaves us wondering and imagining what kind of technology and features we might be able to expect in the future.

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