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Samsung, like many companies, is probably working on new ideas all the time. Whether or not we will see those ideas become a reality is anyone’s guess, but thanks to the folks at Patently Apple, they have come across several smartphone patents that could hint at what Samsung could potentially be working on.


One of those patents is for a foldable phone which seems to borrow from the Huawei Mate X’s design. This is because unlike the current Galaxy Fold where the foldable part of the display is inside the phone, this patent puts the foldable display on the outside. Whether or not Samsung follows through with this design remains to be seen.

However, what’s got us truly excited is another patent where Samsung seems to be toying with the idea of creating a modular phone. However, these modules come in the form of “tabs” that can be pulled out and attached to the smartphone. This means that users will be able to add things like additional storage, extra battery, or even hardware buttons that could be programmed to do other things.

It does seem rather outlandish and to be honest, modular phones kind of failed to take of, so we’re not sure if Samsung is merely patenting the design to protect its ideas, or if it’s something they’re actively working towards.

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