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One of the nifty features of Facebook Messenger is that it uses chat heads that are displayed on the main screen and overlays on top of other apps. Some might find it intrusive or annoying, but the fact that it is always present means that it is easy to get to, especially if you use Facebook Messenger often.


Now it seems that Google could be borrowing the feature as well because in Android Q (whose developer preview was recently launched), the company is testing out using chat heads as a means to deliver notifications to users. As you can see in the video above put together by 9to5Google, this means that instead of notifications resting at the top of the display in the status bar, they will now exist as chat heads where users can see them easily and click on them to respond to them.

That being said, as 9to5Google points out, it is unclear how Google would reconcile the notifications feature should these chat heads become a thing, but at the same time this is apparently not new. It seems that Google has actually been working on it for a while. It is unclear if this is merely an experiment that they’ve included into Android Q or if they’re seriously considering making changes to how notifications are displayed.

In any case what do you think? Is this a new notification system you think you might be able to get on board with?

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