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Trading In Your iPhone? Expect to Get Less From Apple

Apple lowers the trade-in value of many older iPhone models, as well as several laptops, iPads and Apple Watches.

iPhones in Apple Store
Apple has again adjusted trade-in rates for older iPhones and other hardware.
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Apple this month quietly lowered the trade-in value on many older iPhone models. The iPhone 13 Pro Max was worth up to $650 on Jan. 13, according to an archived version of the Apple trade-in site, while its maximum trade-in value as of Wednesday is $570, a decline of more than 12%.

The value of an iPhone 13 Pro dropped more than 14% in the same time frame, from a maximum of $550 down to $470. The standard iPhone 13 dipped 11%, from $450 to $400, and the iPhone 13 Mini went from $380 down to $350, a drop of about 8%. (You can see more changes in the chart below.)  

There were also declines in the iPhone 12 and most iPhone 11 models, though the value of the iPhone X and older models stayed mostly the same. iPad values also remained static, while the maximum credit you can get for most MacBooks and Apple Watches declined slightly. The changes to trade-in value were earlier reported by MacRumors. 

Not everyone is satisfied with Apple's offers. Last week, tech journalist David Imel complained that Apple offered him just $970 for a MacBook Pro he paid more than $50,000 for three years ago.

Apple previously reduced the trade-in value of iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and MacBooks in November 2022, about a month after the iPhone 14 series became available in stores.

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At that time, the iPhone 13 saw a modest drop, from $470 to $450, while the value of an iMac Pro plummeted from $1,150 to just $600. (Mac Pros slipped from $1,550 to $1,250 and the trade-in value of a MacBook Pro went from $850 to $630.)

The company is expected to roll out the iPhone 15 in September 2023.

Apple didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.

iPhone trade-in value

Product Trade-in value on Jan. 13 Current value
iPhone 13 Pro Max Up to $650 up to $570
iPhone 13 Pro Up to $550 up to $470
iPhone 13 Up to $450 up to $400
iPhone 13 mini Up to $380 up to $350
iPhone 12 Pro Max Up to $480 up to $400
iPhone 12 Pro Up to $400 up to $330
iPhone 12 Up to $300 up to $300
iPhone 12 Mini Up to $250 up to $250
iPhone SE (2nd generation) Up to $100 up to $100
iPhone 11 Pro Max Up to $330 up to $280
iPhone 11 Pro Up to $250 up to $230
iPhone 11 Up to $200 up to $200
iPhone XS Max Up to $200 up to $200
iPhone XS Up to $160 up to $160
iPhone XR Up to $150 up to $150
iPhone X Up to $130 up to $130
iPhone 8 Plus Up to $100 up to $100
iPhone 8 Up to $75 up to $75
iPhone 7 Plus Up to $60 up to $50
iPhone 7 Up to $40 up to $40