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Stadia on iPhone, iPad's initial web app testing to begin soon

Testing will begin in "several weeks," according to Google.

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Google/Screenshot by CNET

Like Nvidia GeForce Now and baby Amazon Luna, Google's getting in line to add iOS support for its Stadia cloud-gaming service, which runs through a web app. It begins initial testing in "several weeks."

Apple's policies make it too much work for cloud-gaming services to sell through the App Store (imagine if every movie and show on Netflix had to be in a separate app and approved independently), so services such as Stadia, GeForce Now and Microsoft Game Pass Ultimate's cloud gaming need to resort to operating within a browser-based web app.

Safari provides the most app-like experience because it's the only browser Apple allows to add shortcuts to your home screen in iOS. It's not explicit whether Google's using Safari or Chrome; Chrome is far more likely because it's also owned by Google.  

If you're planning to preorder Cyberpunk 2077 to play on Stadia, Google will toss in the Premiere Edition -- Chromecast Ultra and controller -- gratis.