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AT&T brings its 5G network and the iPhone 12 to Delta flight attendants

The phones can provide augmented reality training and inventory, AT&T says.

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New phones are coming to the skies.

Delta Air Lines

AT&T said Wednesday it will supply all 19,000 Delta Air Lines flight attendants with iPhone 12 devices so they can use AT&T's 5G network in an effort to improve the travel experience. Augmented reality on the phones is expected to help the flight attendants assess inventory onboard planes and train newer staff members in safety checks and passenger assistance.

Delta will work alongside AT&T and Apple to develop more ways to use the iPhone 12, the airline said in a release Wednesday. Delta said the deal makes it "the first 5G-equipped global airline."

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The partnership with Delta will "create new 5G-enabled experiences on iPhone 12 to fuel and invigorate the commercial airline industry," Rasesh Patel, AT&T Business chief product and platform officer, said in a statement.

AT&T will boost its 5G coverage later this year as it adds recently acquired wireless spectrum to the network. AT&T's 5G network now covers more than 230 million people across the US.

You can check out a map of AT&T's current 5G coverage here.