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huawei is back on the sd associations website

In light of recent development with the USA - Huawei trade ban, the Chinese company's name got removed from the SD Association's website a few days ago and today we can see Huawei being reinstated. A Huawei representative confirmed that Huawei is back on the SD Association or as he said - its membership was

this is what the samsung galaxy note10 will look like

Yesterday a schematic of the Galaxy Note10's rear camera arrangement leaked, and we showed you a render approximating what that would look like on the back of the upcoming device. What about the front, though? Since the Galaxy S10+ comes with two sensors in the punch-hole screen cutout, you'd expect the Note10 to have at

oneplus 7 pro vs samsung galaxy s10 in speed test

The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is one of this year’s flagship smartphones that many have been looking forwards to. This is because over the years, Samsung has done a great job with their flagship phones where with every release, it has been met with a lot of praise. However, this year OnePlus has challenged the company