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huawei p30 pro passes by antutu

Huawei P30 Pro has two more weeks before it is officially announced, but right after yesterday's Geekbench appearance, today the phone was benchmarked at AnTuTu, revealing some specs we already heard about and the chipset performance as well. The phone with model number VOG-L29 reached 286,152, slightly more than the official Huawei Mate 20 benchmarks

redmi note 7 pro goes on sale in india

The Redmi Note 7 Pro that was made official last month goes on sale today in India on Flipkart,, and Mi Home stores starting at noon local time. The smartphone comes in two memory configurations - 4 GB RAM + 64 GB storage and 6 GB RAM + 128 GB storage. The former is

samsung galaxy m20 lands in the eu yours for euro229

Samsung announced the Galaxy M20 back in January, and we've since seen it launch in India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Ukraine. Now it's finally time for the handset to hit the EU as well, and the first two markets from the bloc where it's available are Italy and Spain. In both cases, you'll need to

chrome lite pages will help speed up https websites

One of the features of Chrome on Android is the Data Saver. As its name implies, this feature will help reduce the amount of data a website consumes while helping it load faster at the same time. However the only problem was that it only worked with HTTP websites, versus the more “secure” HTTPS websites

google allo officially shuts down today

Allo hadn't been updated since January of last year, then in December, Google announced Allo's planned obsoletion. Allo will be shutting down today and the messaging app's landing page now shows a Goodbye message that recommends users switch to Android Messages. This is interesting since RCS on the Messages app still isn't widely available

best phone cameras by photo quality hardware capabilities

Searching for the best smartphone camera? You are at the right place. We test and rank the best camera phones with our Uber-G Camera IQ score, which comes from analyzing photos from up close, and explained in our Mobile Camera Reviews.When the image-quality (IQ) review is not available, we have our Uber-G Camera HW (hardware)