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smartphone shipments in north america have declined by 18

Does the smartphone industry need a massive revamp? Is it about time that maybe we start exploring other ways of communication? Perhaps it is, because according to the latest figures from Canalys, it seems that smartphone shipments in North America have declined rather drastically.According to the figures, the numbers have dropped to a five-year low

htc might be exiting the chinese market soon

It's still unclear how much of HTC's smartphone making division was left after Google's acquisition of assets and employees, and the company seems to lately be focusing a lot more on its VR efforts. Back in July of last year it decided to exit the Indian smartphone market, and it might do the same

tsmc already producing a13 chip for upcoming iphones

We already knew that Taiwanese chip maker TSMC will be Apple's sole supplier for the upcoming A13 chipsets which will make their debut in the 2019 iPhones. Now, reports from Bloomberg suggest that the semiconductor manufacturer has begun trial production of the upcoming SoCs with plans to start mass production towards the end of

oppo f11 pro gets a new color waterfall gray

The Oppo F11 Pro launched with two color options and now a third one is available - Waterfall Gray. Despite its name, this option actually has more of a lavender hue, check out the images below. The new color is launching in several regions. In Malaysia, it's available on the official Oppo site as well