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android q will let apps record audio from other apps

Mobile gaming is a big thing and as such, it’s not surprising that more content creators could be focused on creating videos dedicated to mobile games. However, there is the question of how does one successfully capture audio from your mobile game? There are screen recording apps out there, but for the most part, they

top 10 trending phones of week 19

It's been a week of almost unprecedented calm in our trending chart with most of the phones staying exactly where we left them last week. The Samsung Galaxy A50 leads from the yet-to-be-announced OnePlus 7 Pro and its Galaxy A70 bigger brother. Redmi Note 7 still leads the Huawei P30 Pro in fourth and fifth,

honor 20 and honor 20 pro teaser

Honor, a Huawei subsidiary, is teasing upcoming Honor 20 and Honor 20 Pro handsets, after launching the Honor 20 Lite earlier this month. Although they share the “Honor 20” name, they likely address different market segments and have very different performance characteristics.At least, that’s what every other Pro and Lite version of Honor/Huawei phones have

htc exodus 1s will be a cheaper blockchain phone

HTC has already confirmed that it’s going to release a second blockchain smartphone to follow the Exodus. The company has now revealed some additional information about this device. The Exodus 1s will be a cheaper version of its Exodus flagship blockchain smartphone which was launched last year. A spokesperson for the company told Engadget that

tinder lite to facilitate users in emerging markets

Many online services have launched “Lite” versions of their apps in order to cater to users in emerging markets. The majority of users in such markets don’t have high-end phones and access to mobile data comes at a premium as well. These apps are capable of running on low-end devices while being less data hungry.

weekly poll are the new pixel 3a and 3a xl any good

People have been getting increasingly tired by the rising prices of flagships and the new Pixel 3a phones may be just what the doctor ordered. Despite a similar price point, these are not a continuation of the Nexus line in one very important way. What Nexus phone was known for having a good camera? They

instagram testing stickers with song lyrics

It’s usual for Instagram to test out new features before deciding whether or not they will be rolled out to the public. We often hear about some of these features as they’re being tested. It appears that Instagram is now testing a new feature for stickers in Instagram Stories. It will enable users to apply