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oneplus confirms nord 2t arrival in india

OnePlus Nord 2T is selling in Continental Europe and the United Kingdom but the phone was missing from another major market until now - India. This injustice is finally going to be fixed, as the company confirmed the Nord 2T will arrive in the Pacific-Asian country as well. OnePlus set up a landing page on

vivo 50w wireless flash charger test

The smartphone “charging wars” are predominantly fought on the wired front where some companies already passed the 100W thresh hold giving you a full 0-100% charge in around or even under 20 minutes. But every now and then the battle is carried over on the wireless front where makers are also reaching speeds

week 25 in review poco f4 and x4 gt are official

Welcome to the end of week number 25. Let's take a look back. Samsung has apparently accumulated some 50 million unsold smartphones. The A-series is reportedly mostly to blame, failing to meet its sales targets for one reason or another. 50 million is around 18% of Samsung's planned shipment target this year, which isn't good

flashback a decade of iphone camera tech

Apple’s iPhones have the reputation as having great cameras. For large parts of their history they have been up there with the best, in fact. That started with the iPhone 4 in 2010 (cameras on the original, 3G and 3GS felt more like an afterthought). We’ve already covered this in a Flashback, so we

samsung galaxy m53 in for review

The Samsung Galaxy M53 is the latest smartphone to land at our office for a full review. Our unit comes in blue color, but there are two more options - green and brown. The Galaxy M53 sports a 6.7" 120Hz FullHD+ Super AMOLED+ screen with a punch hole in the center for the 32MP selfie