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ios 15 seems to have broken stadias streaming

Since it would be too troublesome and almost unrealistic to expect streaming service providers to comply with Apple’s App Store rules, many have found a workaround and that is by making the streaming service compatible with Safari, Apple’s mobile browser. This means that iOS device owners can stream games on their phones and developers don’t

unlock with apple watch not working with iphone 13

One of the features that Apple introduced to the iPhone and Apple Watch during the pandemic was the ability to unlock the iPhone using an Apple Watch while wearing a mask. Prior to this, users had no other option but to enter their passcode in place of other forms of security, such as Face ID.However,

list of google pixel 6s camera features leaked

There's no denying that Google is quite eager about its upcoming Google Pixel 6 duo. The company revealed the device months before it plans to release it, and it has already been advertising the Pixel 6 even before revealing much of its specifications and features. XDA-Developers revealed a list of features we can expect

samsung galaxy m52 5g deemed official in poland

Samsung has silently unveiled its latest Galaxy M52 5G in Poland a few days ahead of the Indian launch which is taking place on Tuesday, September 28. The phone is listed on the official Samsung Poland website complete with its full specs list though pricing is yet to be confirmed. Galaxy M52 5G brings a