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s10 5g hits 26 gbps speed in sk telecom tests

With the imminent launch of 5G phones, carriers worldwide are working on testing and preparing their networks for the global roll-out. The Samsung Galaxy S10 5G will be among the first phones to support the next generation of mobile connectivity and South Korea's SK Telecom has been busy doing network tests with it. In a

nvidia launches gtx 1660 starts at 219

NVIDIA has launched the GTX 1660, a new mid-range graphics card for desktop following the launch of its 1660 Ti. Built on the same 6th generation Turing architecture as the GTX 1660 Ti and the RTX series, the new GTX 1660 starts at $219, making it the cheapest Turing based GPU so far. The GTX

googles foldable smartphone showcased in a patent

It looks like Google is hoping to get on the foldable smartphone bandwagon according to this leaked patent. After Samsung and Huawei introduced their foldable phones during this year's MWC, the rest of the manufacturers will surely follow suit and Google doesn't want to be left out. The patent reveals a similar design to the