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meizu was just messing about with failed port free phone

Chinese smartphone company Meizu introduced a concept device earlier this year that didn’t have any ports or buttons. The Meizu Zero didn’t have a charging port, no SIM card slot, no buttons, and mSound 2.0 technology which used the screen for sound and thus eliminated the need for a speaker grille. Meizu CEO Jack Wong

gmails smart compose now available on all android devices

For the longest time ever, Smart Compose is a feature that can be found on Gmail on the desktop. For those unfamiliar, basically Smart Compose will help users complete sentences that they type in their email where Google will be able to make suggestions on how your sentence should be completed.It later eventually found its

google fixes chrome zero day exploit update your browser now

If you haven’t updated your Google Chrome browser yet, you will want to do so ASAP. This is because Google has recently issued an update to its Chrome browser where it patched a zero-day exploit. This is particularly urgent because according to Google, there is some evidence that malicious parties are actively exploiting it.This will

did you know idevices more likely to be misplaced than stolen

Apple charging such a premium on their iPhones isn’t doing their customers any favors because it also means that iPhones are now more desirable than ever to thieves. However what’s interesting is that based on data from Prey, a device-protection company, it seems that your iDevice is more likely to have been misplaced than stolen.For