weekly poll can the xiaomi 13t and 13t pro lure you in with a great value for money proposition

The Xiaomi 13 series was strong out of the gate, but pricey too – the global versions started at €1,000 for the Xiaomi 13 (8/256GB) and €1,300 for the Xiaomi 13 Pro (12/256GB). This week saw the launch of the 13T duo – the phones are not as capable as the main 13 series, however, they are a good deal cheaper too.

Xiaomi 13T

The Xiaomi 13T is €650 for an 8/256GB phone, the Xiaomi 13T Pro goes for €800 for a unit with extra RAM and the same amount of storage, i.e. 12/256GB. So, both of them have lower MSRPs than their non-T siblings. The price of the old flagships has fallen since…

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