teardown of iphone 14 lineup reveals 20 higher production cost

Apple’s iPhone 14 lineup is the company’s most expensive to produce in years. A Nikkei Asia teardown of iPhone 14 models reveals that Apple took some of the production cost, slimming its profit margins a bit. Apple did not raise pricing of new iPhones in the US and some other markets, but it did for some key markets including UK, Germany, and Japan.

As per Nikkei Asia, the iPhone 14 sees an additional production cost of about 20%, an all-time high, across three iPhone 14 models. Niatake Kashio of Formalhaut Techno Solutions aided in the teardown research and examined that the iPhone 14…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/teardown_of_iphone_14_lineup_reveals_20_higher_production_cost-news-56089.php