3c certification reveals the airpods pro 2s battery capacity

With the announcement of Apple’s iPhone 14 lineup last month, it also announced the second generation AirPods Pro 2. Apple mentioned the new model’s improvements to sound quality, upgrades to noise cancellation and passthrough sound, and a bump in the expected battery life of the AirPods Pro. Thanks to a 3C certification, we now know exactly how much more battery capacity you’ll find.

There’s a 15% bump in capacity of the individual AirPods. Each one now has a 49.7 mAh battery compared to the first-gen’s 43.24 mAh. The charging case itself didn’t see a huge bump in capacity. In…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/3c_certification_reveals_the_airpods_pro_2s_battery_capacity-news-56031.php