lenovo teases new gaming attachments announces beta testing for its new phone

In two Weibo posts, Lenovo teased gaming shoulder key attachments for its upcoming Legion Y90 gaming handset and also gave out a little info regarding the latter, complementing the big leak from earlier today. Sadly, the company didn’t specify whether or not the triggers would be compatible with the current generation Legion phones.

Anyway, the attachments boast mechanical keys mimicking those of a gaming mouse and are rated at 3 million presses. The triggers, of course, have low latency and are subject to custom mapping in various games.

The teaser posters from Weibo

As far as…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/lenovo_teases_new_gaming_attachments_announces_beta_testing_for_its_new_phone-news-52797.php