sony xperia proi brings 10inch sensor with variable f 2040 aperture for 1800

Out of the blue, Sony has a new Xperia Pro phone. The Xperia Pro-I (where ‘I’ stands for ‘Imaging’) is the first phone outside Japan to deliver a 1.0-inch camera sensor with phase-detect autofocus.

That 1.0-inch type imager is taken straight off the company’s very popular RX100 VII compact camera, but it has been ‘optimized for a smartphone’. What that means is that the Xperia Pro-I uses a big chunk of that sensor (but not all of it) to produce 12MP images with a 2.4┬Ám pixel pitch – that’s some 20% larger than the iPhone 13 Pro Max’ pixels and about the same size as those from the…