oneplus 9rt goes official with sd 888 with better cooling 662 120hz oled 50mp main cam

The OnePlus 9RT has joined the game – despite the name, this feels like a big an upgrade over the 9R. And it is quite different from the vanilla OnePlus 9 too. This is a brand new device and it has gaming on its mind. But we’ll get to that.

The OnePlus 9R was a revamped 8T with the Snapdragon 870 chipset (replacing the 865), other than that it had the same screen, same camera, same battery. As we already alluded, the 9RT is different across the board save for the battery.

It starts with the 6.62” display, slightly larger than the non-Pro phones (both the 9 and 9R have 6.55” displays)….