early testing shows iphone 13 models charge in about an hour and a half

The new iPhone 13 family has officially been up for sale in over 30 countries for over a day now. We already have the first wave of early impressions and with every passing hour people are digging deeper and deeper into the new hot-ticket Apple items, doing things like teardowns. We have also started working on our iPhone 13 in-depth reviews, so stay tuned for those.

iPhone 13 charging tests

In the meantime, we came across some interesting early charging tests on the iPhone 13 family. Naturally, we’ll have to do some testing of our own, just to be sure of the methodology. But,…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/early_testing_shows_iphone_13_models_charge_in_about_an_hour_and_a_half-news-51130.php