just 12 of global ios users and 4 of us ones have allowed app tracking since the ios 145 rollout

Nobody was ever in doubt that Apple’s new anti-app tracking (ATT) feature, rolled-out with iOS 14.5 would have a major impact on the way targeted advertisement works and consequently, any company with a business model built around it. Like Facebook and its subsidiaries, like Instagram – some of the most severely-affected parties and naturally among the most vocal against ATT.

Having a hunch that a certain change is significant, though, is not the same as getting some actual data on just how significant it is. The Verizon Media-owned Flurry Analytics has its mobile analytics services…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/just_12_of_global_ios_users_and_4_of_us_ones_have_allowed_app_tracking_since_the_ios_145_rollout-news-49014.php