weekly poll results the samsung galaxy f62 could be a hit if its price drops

The Samsung Galaxy F62 became available in India on Monday, then a few days later it became clear that the model will go global under the M62 name. Samsung Thailand even listed all the official specs for the M-series variation (unsurprisingly, it’s a carbon copy).

We don’t know the worldwide pricing, but in India the F62 starts at INR 24,000 ($330/€270). Which, judging by last week’s poll, is a bit too high for comfort – most voters like the phone, but they think it’s a bit too pricey. Some forward-looking individuals pointed out that the resale value of a 4G phone will be lower than that…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/weekly_poll_results_the_samsung_galaxy_f62_could_be_a_hit_if_its_price_drops-news-47948.php