heymelody app lets you update the firmware on your oneplus and oppo tws headset

OnePlus has published an early access version of the HeyMelody app, which can be used to update the firmware of several True Wireless headsets. The main difference between it and the OnePlus Buds app is wider support.

HeyMelody supports OnePlus’ Buds and Buds Z, as well as a couple of Oppo Models – Enco W51 and Enco X. You can use the app to pair the buds, check their battery levels and, of course, update their firmware.

HeyMelody let’s you update the firmware on your OnePlus and Oppo TWS headsets

But wider support doesn’t just mean support for more buds, this app works on…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/heymelody_app_lets_you_update_the_firmware_on_your_oneplus_and_oppo_tws_headset-news-46026.php