fujifilm launches xs10 camera with inbody stabilization for 1000

Fujifilm has launched the X-S10, the latest in its extensive range of APS-C cameras. The X-S10 is aimed at those who currently own a DSLR and are looking to move to mirrorless for the first time.

The X-S10 is a bit of departure from the current crop of mirrorless bodies, all of which feature extensive manual control dials and a retro look. The design of the X-S10 is meant to appeal to DSLR owners, hence the new deeper grip.

Some of the dedicated control dials on top have been replaced with customizable blank dials. The design is smaller and lighter than X-T4 and features a…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/fujifilm_launches_xs10_camera_with_inbody_stabilization_for_1000-news-45834.php