iphone 12 series will be able to record 4k videos at up to 240 fps

According to a new source code found inside iOS 14 Beta 1, the iPhone 12 series will have an option to record 4K videos at 240FPS. The new format will be joined by a 4K at 120FPS option. The report comes courtesy of PineLeaks and EverythingApplePro and details that that the 4K at 240FPS option will likely be limited to slow-motion while the 4K at 120FPS could be available for regular video recordings.

As stated in the report, together with @EveryApplePro, we were able to discover evidence of 4k 120 and 4k 240 FPS video modes inside the latest iOS 14 Beta 1 filesystem.In accordance to that,…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/iphone_12_series_will_be_able_to_record_4k_videos_at_up_to_240_fps-news-44000.php