xiaomi launched the mi 10 pros 108mp camera into space in its latest ad

The latest ad, posted to Xiaomi’s Twitter and YouTube channels, boasts the Mi 10 Pro’s camera prowess with images of Earth shot from a space satellite with the Mi 10 Pro’s 108MP camera.

Xiaomi launched a satellite in 2019 with the same 108MP camera on board as the Mi 10 Pro’s. Although the images look great, these only make up about 8 seconds of the entire 1-minute and 27-second commercial. If you want to see the samples, scrub ahead to 0:54 in the video.

Perhaps the ad proves that smartphone cameras aren’t idea for shooting photos of the Earth from space – I mean. It’s not like…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/xiaomi_launched_the_mi_10_pros_108mp_camera_into_space_in_its_latest_ad-news-41905.php