fcc proposes over 208 million in fines for all major us carriers over selling customer location data

Early February, the FCC wrote a letter to the US Congress where it explained that “one or more” major US carriers was selling its customers’ location data to some agencies. This practice was initially discovered back in 2018 and only how has the FCC done something to discourage it.

On Friday, the FCC revealed that it was issuing a total of over $208 million in fines to all four major US carriers. T-Mobile is looking at $91 million in fines, AT&T faces $57 million, $48 million for Verizon, and Sprint may have to pay $12 million. Currently, these are proposed fines based on the FCC’s…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/fcc_proposes_over_208_million_in_fines_for_all_major_us_carriers_over_selling_customer_location_data-news-41763.php