iphone 11 outscores xs max in dxomark camera test comes close to the 11 pro max

The Apple iPhone 11 received an overall camera score of 109 from DxOMark, beating the iPhone XS Max in both the photo and video categories. It is also well ahead of its immediate predecessor, the iPhone XR.

Compared to the current generation Apple flagships, the phone’s video score is within 1 point of the iPhone 11 Pro Max result as it offers identical features and comparable image quality.

Predictably, the iPhone 11 got docked a few points for the lack of a telephoto camera – the phone can’t deliver the same quality zoom and portrait shots without it. This accounts for most of the…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/iphone_11_outscores_xs_max_in_dxomark_camera_test_comes_close_to_the_11_pro_max-news-41175.php