20 of all midrangers will have 5g in 2020

The 5G revolution is happening at a rapid pace, mostly thanks to the expansion of the network in China. Local research agencies revealed 5 million 5G-enabled phones were sold in December, and the trend is going to rise even more.

Expectations are that more than 20% of the phones in the sub-CNY2,000 segment (that’s under $300) will have 5G speeds, and by 2021 a fifth of all smartphones in the world will support the next-generation netowrks.

Currently, most of the 5G-enabled phones are available in China and many of them are exclusive to the market. Phones like Huawei nova 6,…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/20_of_all_midrangers_will_have_5g_in_2020-news-41018.php