withings scanwatch focuses on proactive health tracking with ecg and sleep apnea detection

Withings, known for its stylish hybrid smartwatches and fitness trackers just announced its new ScanWatch at CES 2020. It features the same signature minimalist look as previous offerings but with an even bigger focus on proactive health tracking.

The ScanWatch is fitted with a medical-grade electrocardiogram (ECG) sensor which monitors your heartbeat constantly and can detect irregular heartbeats which are a symptom of arrhythmia. Another major feature is the built-in Sp02 sensor which contentiously tracks blood oxygen levels and can identify sleep apnea risks in advance. The rest of…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/withings_scanwatch_focuses_on_proactive_health_tracking_with_ecg_and_sleep_apnea_detection-news-40873.php