ifixit praises repairability of mac pro in its teardown 9 out of 10

There is a fair number of YouTube rant videos expressing frustration at Apple for locking down its products, making it nearly impossible for the customer to perform their own repairs. With the newest Mac Pro, Apple has strayed away from the “trash can” tower for a larger (and I mean, much larger) tower setup with endless options for expandability.

The folks over at iFixit have torn down the new Mac Pro (yeah, the cheese grater) and have praised it for how easily it is to access the internals, perform hardware upgrades, and most of it can be done without using any…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/ifixit_praises_repairability_of_mac_pro_in_its_teardown__9_out_of_10-news-40623.php