turboant x7 electric scooter review


An electric scooter review? Well, yes. If it wasn’t painfully obvious from our content already, we are major geeks here at the GSMArena office and we don’t really discriminate in that passion of ours either. From servers, cameras, drones to cars and even appliances, chances are you can easily find at least one expert in the team. And when it comes to electric scooters, we kind of have an entire team going with around 7 different electric scooters owned and scrutinized, maintained and modded on a daily basis.

Turboant X7 specs

Body: Folded: 105.664 x 41.9 x 44.958…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/turboant_x7_electric_scooter_review-news-40434.php