weekly poll results samsung galaxy note10 duo gets lukewarm reception

Last week we asked you a few questions. Are you getting a Samsung Galaxy Note10+ or Galaxy Note10 and if you would pay the premium for a 5G model or stick with LTE.

Now the results are in and they are a bit surprising. Last year 19% half of you said they’d get a Galaxy Note9 but this year the results are flipped. Half of you said they’re looking at competing phones, rather than the Galaxy Note10 duo.

The larger Galaxy Note10+ is generally received better with 45% of you either committing to buy or wait for the price to drop, but the smaller Galaxy Note10 has been shunned in favor of the…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/weekly_poll_results_samsung_galaxy_note10_duo_gets_lukewarm_reception-news-38709.php