iphone xi cases show a lightning port offer another look at the square camera hump

There were rumors that the iPhone XI models will follow the iPad Pros and drop Lightning in favor of a USB-C connector. Renders of Olixar cases posted by MobileFun pour cold water on our hopes, however.

The case shows only a small hole at the bottom, not big enough to fit the larger USB-C plug. Apple’s 2019 iPad models also use Lightning, so it’s clear that Cupertino isn’t ready to make the switch yet.

A prominent feature on the case is the square cutout for the camera hump – it’s not the prettiest design. If you were hoping that this rumor was also false, it’s time to start…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/iphone_xi_cases_show_a_lightning_port_offer_another_look_at_the_square_camera_hump-news-37767.php