xiaomi makes fun of notches in new series of promo videos

Xiaomi has unveiled the Mi 9T last week for international markets, and while it’s nothing but a rebranded Redmi K20, that doesn’t mean it’s not a very interesting upper-midrange offering, what with its notch-less display and pop-up selfie camera.

The Chinese company is focusing on exactly that in a new series of three video promos for the phone that are all about dissing the notch. Each episode explores how ridiculous a notch would look like in other settings.

Here’s what happens at a hairdresser’s:

At a dentist:

And weirdest of all, a make-up session gone…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/xiaomi_makes_fun_of_notches_in_new_series_of_promo_videos-news-37621.php