unreleased vivo 1951 appears on geekbench with snapdragon 710 and 6gb of ram

A new Vivo phone has surfaced on the popular GeekBench app with performance scores and reveals a Snapdragon 710 CPU paired with 6GB of RAM. The device in question is one with the model number 1951. At the current time, we don’t know what this device’s official retail name will be.

The benchmark leak was initially reported by Nashville Chatter who cites a possible connection between the Vivo 1951 and another Vivo phone that recently went through China’s 3C known as the V1913A. In any case, the Vivo 1951’s scores were typically within what other phones with the same Snapdragon 710 have…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/unreleased_vivo_1951_appears_on_geekbench_with_snapdragon_710_and_6gb_of_ram-news-37624.php