mingchi kuo 54 67 oled iphones with 5g 61 oled iphone with lte in 2020

According to a report by renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Apple’s 2020 iPhone lineup will be all OLED with two new screen sizes and be the first to have 5G.

Kuo expects that there will be two premium iPhones – a 5.4-inch OLED and a 6.7-inch OLED, both with 5G – and the third will be an iPhone XR successor with a 6.1-inch OLED that will max out at LTE.

This means Apple will finally address the needs of the fans who’ve been clamoring for a smaller premium iPhone – the current iPhone XS has a 5.8-inch display and weighs nearly 180g. Moving to a 5.4-inch diagonal would result in a…

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