week 20 in review oneplus 7 and 7 pro asus zenfone 6 moto one vision are here

This was yet another big week in the world of tech. We got a number of exciting phone announcements and some interesting leaks along the way. So let’s take a look back as we move into the new week.

The biggest story by far was the announcement of OnePlus’ two new phones. The OnePlus 7 Pro is the first OnePlus flagship that openly tries to battle it out with the big flagships on merit rather then on price.

But the company hasn’t given up on its usual practives and also brought the the OnePlus 7 – a superb overall package for a great price.

Asus also might want a word when it comes…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/week_20_in_review_oneplus_7_and_7_pro_asus_zenfone_6_moto_one_vision_are_here-news-37095.php