possible lenovo z6 certification reveals 18w fast charging

A new Lenovo smartphone has recently passed through China’s 3C authority for a possible variant of the Lenovo Z6 Pro. The Z6 Pro was already announced a couple of week sago with a Snapdragon 855, quad-cameras, and up to 12GB of RAM and this newly certified device could possibly be the Lenovo Z6.

The 3C filing offers the model number L78032 which is certainly a variant of the Z6 Pro since that one has a model number of L78051. This new model could be either of two devices (one is more realistic than the other): a Lenovo Z6 non-Pro model, or a 5G variant of the Lenovo Z6 Pro. The latter…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/possible_lenovo_z6_certification_reveals_18w_fast_charging-news-36917.php