iphone xr is the bestselling smartphone for q2 2019 in the us

A research from CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) has found that the iPhone XR is still outselling every other smartphone on the US market for the second quarter this year.

Despite the XR’s success, the report claims that not everything is roses. The relatively low price of the iPhone XR will bring down the average selling price down to $800 if the trend continues.

During the previous quarter, the higher storage tiers boosted the average selling price. For comparison, last year’s Q1 storage upgrades accounted for 33% of the total sales while Q1 2019 saw an increase to…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/iphone_xr_is_the_bestselling_smartphone_for_q2_2019_in_the_us-news-36740.php