sprint and at t settle lawsuit over 5ge signal logo and marketing

A couple of months back, Sprint filed a lawsuit against AT&T for its misleading use of the “5G E” signal logo on its smartphones. It can lead customers to believe they are on a 5G network when they are, in fact, not. With a market as competitive as the United States’, making misleading marketing claims is unfair to other carriers.

The latest news about the lawsuit broke from Dallas Business Journal. Ironically, Dallas is home to one of AT&T’s first real 5G networks, as long as you had AT&T’s 5G-compatible portable “puck” hotspot with compatible data plan.

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Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/sprint_and_at_t_settle_lawsuit_over_5ge_signal_logo_and_marketing-news-36702.php