tencent is looking to build a gaming phone asus razer and black shark may be involved

Chinese outlet 36KR reports that Tencent has contacted several phone makers about the possibility of making a gaming phone. This could be an own-branded device or it could be co-branded (three of the four makers already have their own gaming phones).

Asus, Razer and Xiaomi’s Black Shark are the potential partners, ODM Wentai is in the running as well. With strong brand names like these, you can see why a co-branded phone is an attractive option (and self-branded in the case of Wentai).

The Tencent phone will most likely use a Snapdragon chipset. Not a huge surprise, given the gaming…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/tencent_is_looking_to_build_a_gaming_phone_asus_razer_and_black_shark_may_be_involved-news-36626.php