xiaomi spins off part of its chipset division which will work on ai hardware

Xiaomi’s Pinecone subsidiary, which designed the company’s first in-house chipset, the Surge S1, is being reorganized. Part of it will be split off under the name Dayu (“big fish”) to focus on developing AI-enhanced chipsets for IoT applications (think smart speakers and other smart gadgets).

Back in 2017, CEO Lei Jun acknowledged that the three biggest smartphone makers (and Qualcomm) all have their own AI-accelerating hardware and that it’s important for Xiaomi to keep pace.

And not just for the phones (though the remaining part of Pinecone will keep developing phone chipsets). Xiaomi…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/xiaomi_spins_off_part_of_its_chipset_division_which_will_work_on_ai_hardware-news-36392.php