xiaomi shows out 100w super charge turbo

Oppo’s SuperVOOC is currently the fastest wired charger with its 50W speeds at 10V/5A, however, Xiaomi is looking to up the ante on charging speeds with its new Super Charge Turbo. The company will announce its new charging technology at an official event tomorrow but we got a glimpse of its capabilities early. In a Weibo post by the brand’s president Lin Bin, we got our first look at the 100W charger running at 20V/5A against Oppo’s 50W solution.

After just 17 minutes, Xiaomi’s charger manages to reach 100% while Oppo’s charger is still at 65%. These speeds are remarkable, given the…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/xiaomi_shows_out_100w_super_charge_turbo-news-36205.php