pocophone f1 gets game turbo with the latest miui global beta update

Xiaomi introduced the so-called Game Speed Booster when the Mi 9 launched and the very same feature is now making its way to the Pocophone F1 although, with a different name – Game Turbo.

As the name implies, the feature will enhance the gaming experience by optimizing the available resources. Xiaomi’s take on the gaming boost will optimize the CPU and GPU to deliver more consistent and fluent gaming experience. It doesn’t magically boost the performance of the hardware but instead tries to keep a more steady FPS count.

In addition, the Game Turbo allows you to clear the memory,…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/pocophone_f1_gets_game_turbo_with_the_latest_miui_global_beta_update-news-36188.php