fcc proposes better gps locating for 911 calls down to the buildings floor level

In the United States, a carrier provides the GPS coordinates to emergency dispatchers when someone places an emergency “911” call using a smartphone. While this will help dispatchers locate the origin of the call for help, it is a bit more difficult when the call came from a multi-story building.

On Friday, the FCC has proposed new requirements for wireless operators to provide 911 call centers with not only X and Y GPS coordinates, but also a vertical “z axis” location metric to help dispatchers figure out which floor of the building a call came from. To do this, the FCC would “require…

Link: https://www.gsmdb.com/gsmarena/fcc_proposes_better_gps_locating_for_911_calls_down_to_the_buildings_floor_level-news-36056.php