Apple is once again the most valuable public company in the world

Apple claimed the title of the most valuable public company in the world.

The company surpassed Microsoft and Amazon on Wednesday with a market capitalization of 821.59 billion dollars. Microsoft closed the trading day with a market value of $ 813.48 billion, and Amazon ended the day with a market value of $ 805.70 billion. The three companies have been in a tight race for the first position since the end of last year, Microsoft ends in 2018, and Amazon steals the crown short.

But the recent winning season beat the pendulum in favor of Apple. Apple suffered a steep loss of market value in early January after alerting investors to wait for weak earnings for the first quarter of 2019. In the three months leading up to the alert, investors have already anticipated a fall in revenue, and the ceiling Apple’s market blew 452 billion dollars.

Apple’s caution moderated expectations so effectively that its real earnings ratio was well received. Shares rose nearly 7 percent a day after the Apple report, which showed strong service margins, even if iPhone revenues dropped 15 percent.

Amazon and Microsoft earnings earnings reports, on the other hand, fell compared with analysts’ expectations. Microsoft dropped 4% after losing revenue and offering easy directions. Amazon initially raised its earnings and earned revenue but declined drastically once executives revealed, following talks with analysts, that the company would accelerate investment in hiring and capital spending this year, and mentioned concerns about the new regulatory framework India. Shares fell even on the bear markets on Friday, lowering the market value to below $ 800 billion.s once again the most valuable public company in the world


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