Lg To Stop Manufacturing Smartphones In South Korea

LG plans to suspend manufacturing smartphones in its South Korea plant, according to a report by Reuters. The report further states that LG will be moving the manufacturing to its plant in Vietnam. The information original comes from an unknown source of the Yonhap News Agency and alleges that the move is to help reduce the cost of manufacturing and turn around the company's smartphone division, which has been bleeding money since the past several quarters. The information is not completely unexpected. LG has been receiving an increasingly lukewarm response for its smartphone...

How To Use Gmail Confidential Mode (Windows, Android, iOS)

Sending emails hasn’t changed much in the last decade or so. Yes, the user interface has gotten better and we have more features but the basic stuff remains the same. Despite all the newness security is still one of the main concerns we have while using email. Gmail has decided to tackle this issue with the help of Gmail Confidential mode.What is Gmail Confidential mode?You might be wondering what is […]

Iphone Xr Is The Bestselling Smartphone For Q2 2019 In The Us

A research from CIRP (Consumer Intelligence Research Partners) has found that the iPhone XR is still outselling every other smartphone on the US market for the second quarter this year. Despite the XR's success, the report claims that not everything is roses. The relatively low price of the iPhone XR will bring down the average selling price down to $800 if the trend continues. During the previous quarter, the higher storage tiers boosted the average selling price. For comparison, last year's Q1 storage upgrades accounted for 33% of the total sales while Q1 2019 saw an increase to...

Samsung Is Investing 116 Billion In Chip Production Through 2030

Early last year Samsung became the world's largest chip manufacturer (taking the crown from Intel) largely thanks to the strong performance of its memory division. Today the company announced plans to invest $116 billion through 2030 in non-memory chips. This will help reduce its reliance on the memory segment (which didn't do so hot last quarter). More than half of the money will go towards R&D, creating 15,000 jobs. The rest will go to building the infrastructure. Samsung System LSI, which develops Exynos chips and modems, ISOCELL sensors and more, along with Samsung Foundry (which...

Oppo Reno Handson Review The Non10x Zoom Version

We're in Zurich for the global announcement of the Oppo Reno lineup and we got to spend some quality time with the fully tricked out Reno 10x zoom. After that proper flagship, we also got the opportunity to briefly play around with the regular Reno. The differences in hardware aren't minor and the vanilla Reno comes with the mid-tier Snapdragon 710 instead of the 10x zoom's 855. There's also no periscope telephoto camera on its back and the ultra wide module didn't make the cut either. The main cam does use the same 48MP Sony sensor as the flagship, but the lens isn't stabilized...

Google Maps Adds Realtime Availability Of Ev Chargers In The Us And Uk

Google has just made life easier for electric car users thanks to its latest update in Google Maps. Now EV drivers can enjoy live updated information on charger availability in the US and UK so they don't have to spend time waiting for their next top up. A simple "ev charging stations" search query will bring out the nearest charger and show availability information. According to Google, users will be able to see details such as port types, charging speeds and availability alongside photos, ratings, and reviews from other drivers. Google said it partnered with Chargemaster, EVgo,...

LG May Stop Manufacturing Phones In South Korea

LG has really been feeling the pinch the smartphone market for quite some time. It has made some serious attempts to improve its fortunes but they’re not quite yielded the results that it requires. LG isn’t giving up on the business, though, and is making an effort to reform and optimize it. This may include discontinuing smartphone production in its home country of South Korea. According to media reports, LG […]

HMD Investigating Nokia 9 Fingerprint Sensor Issues

Some Nokia 9 owners have reported a serious security flaw with the in-display fingerprint sensor on their units. Many users had initially complained about the sensor’s accuracy when the device came out. HMD Global did send out a software update last week which was supposed to improve the accuracy. However, a security flaw has been detected in several units whereby even unregistered fingerprints have been able to generate a positive […]

Ifixit Tears Down Galaxy Fold Finds It Fatally Fragile

Despite Samsung's recalls, tear down specialists iFixit have managed to get their hands on the Galaxy Fold and open it up a lot more than it already does. While it's best to read the tear down in its entirety, here are some of the talking points raised by the article: One of the areas for concern are the gaps all around the phone. While we already know the Galaxy Fold is not ingress protected, the gaps are rather large around the hinge and may potentially be a location for small particles to get stuck and jam the mechanism or even damage the display. The phone has two batteries,...

Oneplus 7 Pro Prices Will Start At Around 700

This year OnePlus will go for a multi-tier strategy and will launch the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro. The Pro model will offer numerous upgrades over the vanilla model and it will be pricey (by OnePlus standards). Rumor has it that the OnePlus 7 Pro with 8GB of RAM and 256GB storage will cost €750 while the top-specced 12/256GB model will be €820. The price for the base 6/128GB memory option is unknown, but should be around €700. Note that there might be small differences between EU countries. For US pricing, there's a very good chance that you just swap the € sign for a $, meaning...

People Are Waiting Longer Than Ever To Upgrade Their Phones

Flagship smartphones have continued to get expensive over the past few years. One would easily cost you north of $1,000 now and if you opt for one of those fancy upcoming foldable smartphones, be prepared to spend over $2,000 on a phone that will be outdated in a couple of years. No wonder people are waiting to upgrade their phones longer than ever before. Verizon says that the upgrade rate […]

Ee Will Test Its 5g Network At The Glastonbury Festival

The Glastonbury Festival is coming up soon (June 26-30) and EE will use it as a testing ground for its 5G network. It will erect temporary 5G antennas and make it the UK's "first 5G-connected festival". Glastonbury is expected to attract a record 200,000 people who will use up a whopping 70TB of data. There's a stumbling block, however - almost no one will have a 5G-capable phone. But 5G enthusiasts will have options. EE is a launch partner for the Oppo Reno 5G, which will be available staring from May at €900 (around £780). That will most likely be Europe's first 5G phone. The...

Uk To Allow Huawei Limited Access In Noncore 5g Components

In a slight turn of events, the British National Security Council (NHC) has decided to grant Huawei the right to help build up "non-core" 5G infrastructure. The decision comes at a time when multiple countries around the world have banned Huawei from supplying 5G network equipment. According to the Daily Telegraph, Prime Minister Theresa May, who heads the NHC made her decision despite expressed caution from several senior ministers as well as warnings from the US. The move would allow Huawei to supply 5G base stations and transmission equipment in the UK but not much more. The company...

Oppo Reno And Reno 10x Zoom Go Global

The Oppo Reno and Reno 10x zoom will make their debut in Europe soon. They are the same phones that were unveiled in China a couple of weeks ago (and the vanilla Reno is already on sale there). As a quick recap, Oppo Reno 10x zoom features a notch-less 6.6" OLED screen thanks to a unique shark fin pop-up (16MP selfie cam). The phone's best feature (and reason for its name) is the periscope zoom lens on the back, which joins the wide and ultra-wide cameras. Both the periscope and the wide camera have OIS. The Oppo Reno 10x zoom lives up to its name thanks to a periscope...

Instagram Announces Quiz Sticker To Let You Ask Multiplechoice Questions Through Stories

Instagram introduced the Polls sticker back in October 2017 that lets you ask questions to your followers, and now, this Facebook subsidiary has announced a new sticker that allows you to quiz your followers. Instagram has introduced the Quiz sticker that lets you ask multiple-choice questions through Stories, and unlike Polls, you can add up to four options as answers to the question. To ask a multiple-choice question, all you have to do is create a Story, add the Quiz sticker from the sticker tray, and fill in the question and answers. After that, select the correct answer from the...

Realme To Bring Smartphones In China Next Month

Realme started setting up its social media accounts in China the other day, and today it officially announced the expansion to its home market. To celebrate the accomplishment, the company is offering smartphones and other goodies for everyone who subscribes for more info until May 3. Then we expect to hear an official launch date or an actual phone announcement. Lucky subscribers can win a smartphone, realme backpack or a neat yellow T-shirt Realme separated from Oppo last spring and has been doing great at multiple Asia-Pacific countries, including Taiwan, but not Mainland...

Naked Google Pixel 3a Appears Online

Following the footsteps of its more expensive sibling, the Pixel 3a is leaking all over the place before it launches. For the past month or two, we've seen enough information about the two upcoming mid-range Pixels so it doesn't come as a surprise that @evleaks just posted what seems to be an official render of the Pixel 3a. We've seen a couple of hands-on videos as well as a some renders but this is probably our best look at the phone's design. Sure, we've seen the case renders from last week but this picture is way more revealing and it further confirms previous leaks. Google Pixel...

The Oppo Reno Global Launch Event Starts Soon Watch It Here

In under an hour, Oppo will unveil its global plans for the Oppo Reno and Oppo Reno 10x zoom. We'll report from Zurich with more info, but you can watch the event as it happens live. The main unknown here is the price. The Reno is already available in China and the 10x zoom is set to launch next month. So the global launch for both phones can't be too far away. But as far as pricing goes, all we have is rumors, which claim the vanilla model will cost €500 (which would push the 10x zoom up to €800). Besides those two models, the 5G version of the Oppo Reno 10x zoom will be featured....

Huawei Y5 2019 Arrives With Helio A22 Soc And 571inch Notched Display

The Huawei Y5 2019 that leaked a couple of times earlier this month is finally official. It's basically the Huawei Y6 Pro 2019 with a smaller screen, lesser RAM, and a low-res selfie camera. The Y6 Pro 2019 comes with a 6.09-inch display, 3GB RAM, and an 8MP selfie snapper, whereas the Y5 2019 features a 5.71-inch screen, 2GB RAM, and a 5MP front camera. Apart from these differences, everything else remains the same across both these smartphones. The Huawei Y5 2019 is powered by Helio A22 SoC and runs Android Pie-based EMUI 9 out-of-the-box. It's offered in 16GB and 32GB storage...

Xiaomi Launches Redmi Y3 In India With 32mp Selfie Cam And Snapdragon 632

After several weeks of teasers, Xiaomi has officially unveiled its latest Redmi series phone - the Redmi Y3 alongside the Redmi 7 in India. The two smartphones are basically identical apart from the selfie department. The Y3 features a 32MP selfie cam, the highest on any Xiaomi device. The phones also comes with the brand's new Aurora design language with its subtle curves and dual Gorilla Glass 5 build with a gradient back. Xiaomi is positioning the Y3 as the ultimate selfie machine and is pricing its aggressively to compete in the budget segment. On the front, both the Y3 and...

Redmi Rising Camera Spotted Again In The Wild

Ten days ago we spotted a Redmi phone with an elevating mechanism for the selfie camera and lack of any bezels, waterdrops, notches, whatsoever, on the front panel. Now the device was spotted in the arms of Lu Weibing, the brand manager while ordering some stuff at a movie theater. This is likely the Snapdragon 855-powered phone that he has been posting about lately and it appears to be real and running. Original image • Enhanced image Sources from China say this was right before the new Avengers movie, and later the Xiaomi PR department confirmed Lu was indeed at the movie...

Vivo V15 Gets A Price Cut In India

The vivo V15 that was launched in India last month with a price tag of INR23,990 ($343) is now down to INR21,990 ($314) in the country. It can be purchased at the new price from Flipkart and vivo India's online store. The V15 is built around a 6.53-inch FHD+ notchless display and has a Helio P70 SoC under the hood which is mated to 6GB RAM. It boasts a triple camera setup (12MP+8MP+5MP) at the back and has a 32MP selfie snapper that pops up from the top. vivo V15 The smartphone boots to Android Pie-based Funtouch OS 9 out-of-the-box and comes with 64GB storage. It features...

Vivo Y17 Is Official In India

The Chinese manufacturer vivo introduced three-cam smartphones back in December with the NEX Dual Display, but made the tech more affordable when the V15 Pro was announced. Starting today, even the really affordable Y series have a member with three shooters on the back, after the vivo Y17 was finally made official. The phone arrives with a tall 6.35" LCD panel with HD+ resolution and the not so popular tall aspect ratio of 19.3:9. For now, the phone has only 4 GB RAM and 128 gigs of storage, but the company might launch more options in the future. The chipset is Helio P35, built...

Samsung Is Now Recalling All Early Review Units Of The Galaxy Fold

As some of you might have heard, Samsung ran into some issues with the early review units of the Galaxy Fold that they sent out to some social media influencers and tech publications. The issue, for those unfamiliar, was that the display was “failing” on some users due to them peeling off the protective layer on the screen, which was initially thought to be just a regular screen protector.Now according […]

OnePlus 7 Pro Launch Date Confirmed For May 14th

OnePlus talked up its OnePlus 7 Pro flagship smartphone just yesterday without giving away when the handset is going to be announced. Never one to not take full advantage of the hype surrounding its devices, OnePlus has confirmed just a day later when it’s going to unveil the OnePlus 7 Pro. The announcement has been scheduled for May 14th. It will take place in New York. The company’s confirmation for […]

Huawei P30 Pro VS Samsung Galaxy S10+ In Speed Test

Both the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Huawei P30 phones are currently the hottest smartphones in the market at the moment, both of which are offering the best both companies have to offer. Naturally, comparisons will be made, which is why PhoneBuff has put together a video that compares the speed of both phones.In the video above, we see the Huawei P30 Pro put up against the Samsung Galaxy S10+. […]

Top Analyst ‘Confirms’ 5G iPhone For Launch in 2020

Earlier this month, it was rumored that Apple might not be launching their 5G iPhone until 2021 due to the difficulty of sourcing components. This stemmed from the fact that Qualcomm is currently one of the biggest suppliers, but due to their legal troubles, Apple was clearly avoiding trying to source from them.That changed later when it was revealed that Apple and Qualcomm had reached a settlement agreement and that it […]

Google Is Testing A Swipe Back Gesture In Android Q

As we’re starting to see more handset makers opt for the full-screen design, it also means that Android needs to start adapting where instead of relying on on-screen/soft keys, gestures will probably be a better idea. We’ve seen Google adopt some gestures with the Pixel 3 smartphones, but now it looks like they might be expanding on that.In a report from XDA Developers, it appears that Google is testing out […]

Smartphones Are Being Used As Ultrasound Scanners In African Villages

For those living in developed countries, sometimes we can take certain health care facilities for granted where they are typically stocked with your basic machinery and equipment. However, in more rural parts of the world, accessing such equipment can be near impossible, but it seems that technology has created some innovative solutions.In a story from the New York Times, it details how doctors over in Uganda, Africa, are using their […]

We Could Start Seeing More iOS Apps Ported To macOS In The Future

Apple has long stated their desire for iOS and macOS to remain separate from one another. This is versus the strategy that Microsoft had employed with Windows, where they have more or less unified the experience on tablets, laptops, and desktops. However, it seems that Apple could be taking a page out of Google’s book.According to a report from 9to5Mac, they have revealed that come WWDC 2019, Apple could announce […]

Samsung Officially Delays The Launch Of The Galaxy Fold

Yesterday we had reported that Samsung had apparently delayed its launch event for the Galaxy Fold in China. It was speculated that it could be due to the various issues with the handset that early reviewers had encountered. Unfortunately, if you were one of those who were hoping to get their hands on the Galaxy Fold at launch, you might be disappointed to learn that it has been officially delayed.According […]

JCPenney Has Dropped Apple Pay Support

While it has been possible to pay in store and through the iOS app at JCPenney using Apple Pay, that will no longer be the case. The retail chain has confirmed that it has dropped Apple Pay support. The move has been rather abrupt and no concrete information has been offered as to why it decided to do this. JCPenney first ran a pilot program with Apple Pay back in […]

Google Offers Pixel 3 For Half Off To Celebrate Project Fi’s Birthday

In the market for a new Pixel 3 smartphone? Google has just the offer for you. The company is celebrating the fourth birthday of Project Fi today and as part of the celebration, it’s offering the Pixel 3 handsets for half off. As is the case with any promotion, there are some caveats that you should be aware of. In order to take advantage of this promotion and get the […]

OnePlus 7 Pro Will Have 5G And A ‘Breakthrough Display’

OnePlus is due to launch its next flagship smartphone in the not too distant future and the company is now revealing some more information about the OnePlus 7 Pro. OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed that the handset will feature a “breakthrough” display and that it’s going to have support for 5G. OnePlus is really talking up the display for this year’s flagship model which would suggest that it’s going […]

Google Starts Updating Its Apps To Support Foldable Displays

The last time we saw Google update Android with support for the notch, we saw the Pixel 3 XL launch with a notch. Now it looks like Google could potentially be looking to try their hand at foldable smartphones. This is thanks to Google recently rolling out support for Android Foldables on its Google Photos app.For those unfamiliar, back in 2018, Google did announce that Android would soon support foldable […]

Google Search On Mobile Just Got A Lot More Informative

Given how much time we spend on our phones, it’s not surprising that in the past few years, Google has been turning their sights towards creating a richer experience with Google Search on our phones. That being said, it seems that Google has recently rolled out a few major updates to Google Search on mobile that will make it more informative than ever.As reported by Android Police, it seems that […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Concept Renders Look Beautiful

This year, not only would Samsung have launched the Galaxy S10, but they are also expected to launch the Galaxy Note 10 which would take place in the later part of the year. No one knows what the phone could look like at the moment, but in a video uploaded by Concept Creator, he has put together renders of what he thinks the phone might look like.We should point out […]

Watch The Samsung Galaxy Fold Get Folded 1,000 Times In 20 Minutes

Many are no doubt wondering about the durability of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. This is because foldable phones are a unique piece of technology and repeated foldings of a handset’s display sounds like it could eventually lead to breakage. Plus there have been reports of the Samsung Galaxy Fold’s display running into issues in as little time as two days.That being said, it seems that in a bid to find […]

Official Documents Suggests HTC’s 5G Smartphone Will Launch In H2 2019

With 5G being the talk of the town, it didn’t come as a surprise to learn that many Android handset makers would be launching 5G variants of their phones. In fact, dating back to 2018, it was reported that HTC could have such a device in the works. Unfortunately, save for the HTC 5G Hub launched at MWC 2019, the company has yet to make any of their plans official.However, […]

Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch In China Might Have Been Postponed Due To Issues

As some of you might have heard, the Samsung Galaxy Fold has run into some issues with its early review units where reviewers have experienced some problems with its display. It was definitely not a good start for the company, especially for a phone that costs close to $2,000. Now it looks like Samsung could have delayed the phone to address those problems.This is according to a tweet by Ice […]

LG’s Software Upgrade Center Hasn’t Delivered On Its Promise Of Fast Updates

The fragmentation in Android OS updates often sees users having to wait a considerable amount of time for software updates. To fix this problem for its customers, LG launched a Software Upgrade Center about a year ago with the promise of speeding up Android updates for people who own LG smartphones. It turns out that the center hasn’t really delivered on that promise. When LG announced this ‘Global Software Upgrade […]

Alleged iPhone 11 Molds Show Off Triple Camera Setup

One of the rumored features of Apple’s 2019 iPhones is that they are expected to see an improvement on the camera front. By that we mean that there have been reports claiming that Apple could be adding a third camera to the rear camera setup, and now thanks to new photos, it seems to be lending credence to the rumors.The photos were originally posted on Weibo and shared on Slashleaks […]

Job Listings Hint At OnePlus Phones Coming To Verizon, AT&T, Sprint

If you wanted to get your hands on a OnePlus handset through a carrier, T-Mobile was pretty much your only choice, otherwise you’d just have to buy the handset at full price directly from OnePlus or retailers. However, there is a good chance that this could change in the near future, thanks to a variety of job listings.According to job listings posted on OnePlus’ website, it seems that the company […]

OnePlus CEO Teases Announcement For An Announcement

The OnePlus 7 is coming soon and if the rumors are to be believed, the handset could be officially announced on the 14th of May. Whether or not that is true remains to be seen, but it looks like in the meantime, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has teased that more information will be shared next week.According to a tweet posted by Lau, he asks his followers to check back with […]

Apple Begrudgingly Admits Qualcomm’s Tech Is ‘The Best’

For a while, it looked as though Apple’s legal spat with Qualcomm could be dragged on for years on end, similar to Apple’s legal battle against Samsung. However, to everyone’s surprise, Apple and Qualcomm settled their dispute where it was reported that Qualcomm will actually supply Apple with 5G modems for its 2020 iPhones.Now thanks to a report from The Washington Post, it seems that Apple’s settlement with Qualcomm was […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Updated With Dedicated Night Camera Mode

One of the features of the Samsung Galaxy S10 is how it comes with a feature called Bright Night. For those unfamiliar, it is basically Samsung’s answer to Google’s Night Sight mode on its Pixel 3 smartphones, but the only problem is that it is an automated feature where it enables itself in extremely low-light situations.While we suppose that’s not a bad idea, we understand that users might want to […]

Alleged Official Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL Renders Leaked

Word on the street has it that Google could be prepping a more affordable variant of the Pixel 3 smartphone. The handset in question is rumored to be called the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL, and last we heard, it could be announced on the 7th of May, a day before Google I/O 2019 is expected to kick off.Now thanks to the folks at Android Headlines, it appears that […]

Samsung Officially Responds To Galaxy Fold Screen Issues

According to a recent report, it was revealed that Samsung had sent out early review units of the Galaxy Fold to popular publications and YouTubers. Unfortunately, the displays on those units sent out started to run into problems where they failed pretty early on in their reviews. Samsung has since issued a statement addressing some of those problems.In a statement made to The Verge (who was one of the publications […]

Motorola Could Be Working On As Many As Four New Smartphones

For those who might be fans of Motorola’s smartphones, you might be pleased to learn that the company could be planning a comeback in a big fashion. This is according to a recent tweet by leakster Evan Blass who claims that the company has as many as four new phones in the works which could be announced soon.According to Blass, these phones include the Motorola One, Motorola One Power, Motorola […]

lg to stop manufacturing smartphones in south korea

LG plans to suspend manufacturing smartphones in its South Korea plant, according to a report by Reuters. The report further states that LG will be moving the manufacturing to its plant in Vietnam. The information original comes from an unknown source at the Yonhap News Agency and alleges that the move is to help reduce